CONGEN Motocross Cup Series/2019/

CONGEN Kft. has always paid special attention to health-conscious lifestyles and sports, as well as their support.

This year, we managed to win the right to use the name of a well-known official motocross series organized by MAMS (Hungarian Motorsport Association), so as the main sponsor, the competition was run under the name Hungary Open National CONGEN Motocross Cup Series in 2019. With the cup series, we had the opportunity to go to Pannonhalma, Zomba, Veszprémvarsány, Kőszárhegy, Bugyi, among others, where the track owners put themselves out one by one, thus ensuring a great race. Of course, the great atmosphere was ensured not only by the course owners and the organizers, but also by the extremely talented competitors, who gave their all and completed the not-at-all-dangerous races.

Trial Show/2018/

At CONGEN, we consider it important to take care of the talents of the future, which is why this year our company also contributed to the running of the Trial Show to be held in Győr. At the event, the country’s best Trial competitors showed their skills, fearlessly making it through the artificial obstacle course.
Many tricks and acrobatic elements were presented at the competition, so it served as a perfect weekend program for any age group. Our company also contributed to the successful organization of the event, with unique medals made for the competitors.

Village Day and Stew Cooking Competition/2018/

On June 16, the traditional village day of Nagybajc was held. Many interesting programs awaited those interested in the event organized on the sports field. There was a stew-cooking competition, a vintage car exhibition, a dance group presentation, as well as a skander competition called Nagybajcs bull, where our company was also represented.

The visit of Dr. István Nagy, Minister of Agriculture, to our company! /2020/

“A CONGEN Kft. telephelyén egy új mezőgazdasági gépfejlesztési projektet néztem meg Nagybajcson. A talajelmunkáló gép, mely jelenleg még fejlesztési fázisban áll, új magyar termékként vonulhat be a mezőgazdasági gépek piacára. Az ötlet és elgondolás kiváló, nagy eredményekkel és reményekkel várhatjuk a hazai piacra való bevezetését. Léber Szabolcs munkájához ezúton is gratulálok.”

–  Dr. Nagy István

Fotó : Bánhegyi István

Skander Győr 2022

We are happy to report on our results at the weekend’s GOLEM’S HAND international skander competition, where, in addition to Hungary, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria and Uzbekistan were represented:

Junior +75 kg: Dávid Szabó – Right hand Left hand

Senior -105 kg: Gábor Farkas – Right hand

I would also like to thank the entire team for standing behind us throughout the preparation. Come on SKANDER GYőRI! I am glad to be able to lead such a team.

David, I am very proud of you. At your age, this attitude and motivation that you have is rare. Keep it at a level and the results in studies, sports and work will not lag behind.

We would also like to thank our supporters:

ATTALUS Security Kft.; CONGEN Technical Development Ltd.; Ground Fitness

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